1. Who can join the Anagkazo Bible School for Informal Pastoral
         Training (ABSI)?

      Anyone who believes he is called to the ministry and wants to be trained to
      become a pastor.


     2. How do I join the Anagkazo Bible School for Informal Pastoral 
         Training (ABSI)? 

      You can apply to the ABSI by filling in an application form and submitting to
      the ABSI Central Administration. Upon receipt of this application, the ABSI
      administration will assess the applicant in the following areas:

      1. Whether applicant is born again

     2. Whether applicant is called to the ministry

     3. Does the applicant have any diplomas from the Anagkazo Bible School for
         Online and Distant Learning (ABSO) or is he currently pursuing any ABSO

     4. The applicant must have two strong recommendations from his/her senior
         pastors (DMM can recommend)

     5. The applicant must be interviewed by the ABS Central Administration

     6. The applicant must be successful at the interview

     7. The applicant must pay fees for the ABSI


       3. Who is a Disciple-Making Minister?

           ‚ÄčAn ABS Board Certified Disciple-Making Minister (DMM) is a senior pastor with
           proven abilities to 
train ministers and has clear examples of such products to


           4. When do I begin and progress in the Anagkazo Bible School for
           Informal Pastoral Training (ABSI)? 

       1. There must be space in the program to accommodate a candidate, that is,
           there must be an available ABS Board-
Certified Disciple-Making Minister
           (DMM) for your training.

       2. The administration of the ABSI will centrally monitor the progress of students
           through the ABSI website at of the


       5. How will I know which DMM I am assigned to?

    The applicant upon admission will be notified by the ABS Central Administration
    of his/her acceptance onto ABSI and to which DMM he/she is assigned via e-mail.


       6. Do ABSI students need any formal studies and certificates or degrees? 

     ABSI students will be required to enrol on the Anagkazo Bible School for Online
     and Distant Learning (ABSO) and obtain a Diploma as part of their pastoral


       7. Can I join at any time of the year?



       8. How long will the ABSI be?

     This course takes a minimum of two years.  However, after four years your
     registration and enrolment will expire.


       9. How much does the ABSI cost?